HorsePower Cleaner-Sanitizer Pack

HorsePower Cleaner-Sanitizer Pack

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 HorsePower harnesses the all-natural power of Enhanced Hydrogen Peroxide (EHP) to tackle the cleanliness and cross-contamination challenges faced in equine settings. 

HorsePower is a safe alternative to bleach and harsh cleaning chemicals.  EHP is a key ingredient in managing bio-security concerns.  100% biodegradable formula.  No harmful residues.  Non-corrosive.  Safe for people, animals and environment.   Odourless.

Use HorsePower for everyday proactive cleaning and sanitizing of barns, stalls, trailers, water troughs, buckets, tools, equipment, feeders, storage areas, stirrups, boots, tractors, etc.

Just Spray and Walk Away!


Pack consists of a full 946ml trigger sprayer plus a 4 litre re-fill.

Made in Canada