Cleaner/Disnfectant - Case of 12

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RTU cleaner-disinfectant.  No mixing required.

100% Made in Canada!

Cleans and disinfects - blood, urine, spit, feces - in cruisers, holding cells and transport wagons.  

Vortex Decon is a disinfectant, cleaner, deodorizer and neutralizer all in one.

No sticky residues left behind.  Odourless.

Contains no bleach, acids or other harsh chemicals.  Safe for all surfaces.

100% biodegradable.  The safest Canadian-made disinfectant available. 

Compatible with all ULV and electrostatic foggers  

Biodegradable formula is safe to use and friendly to the environment.

Kills 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses and fungi (mold).  Helps control allergens and odours in homes, vehicles and workplaces.  

Health Canada - DIN #02500450

Destroys blood on contact.

Destroys urine and malodors on contact.

Scent-free.  No perfumes or fragrances.  No chemical odour.