Handcuff and Equipment Cleaning Wipes

Handcuff and Equipment Cleaning Wipes

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Patrol Wipes are ready for the messes and contaminants you deal with during your shift.

Blood, urine, spit, vomit, feces, odours, filth and any sticky gross smelly stuff that can accumulate on:

  • Handcuffs
  • Leather and Nylon Gloves
  • Boots, Belts and Equipment
  • Cell phones, lawyer phones, computer screens, radios
  • Patrol car prisoner areas
  • Steering wheel, vehicle interiors
  • Holding cells
  • Fingerprint screens
  • Even that gross pen that the prisoners use to sign their release forms
  • Removes fingerprint dust and ink

Patrol Wipes are always ready to use.  Keep in booking, detention, fingerprint areas and front desk.  Easily stores in patrol and transport vehicles.  Safe for all surfaces and won't damage electronics.

EPA compliant formula effectively attacks 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

250 tough wipes infused with a safe Cleaner-Sanitizer that's easy on skin.  Odourless.