Vortex Decon 4 litre Re-Fill

Vortex Decon 4 litre Re-Fill

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RTU cleaner-disinfectant.

100% Made in Canada!

Vortex Decon is a disinfectant, cleaner, deodorizer and neutralizer all in one.

As a stand alone disinfectant, Vortex Decon easily and effectively decons homes, offices, workplaces, vehicles... anywhere!  Just Spray and Walk Away.  Vortex Decon sanitizes, evaporates and leaves behind no sticky residue or scent of any kind.

Compatible with all ULV and electrostatic fogging equipment.

Excellent for use by restoration companies in flood, sewage and mold remediation.

Biodegradable formula is safe to use and friendly to the environment.

Contains no bleach, acids or other harsh chemicals.


Destroys blood on contact.

Destroys urine and malodors on contact.

Scent-free.  No perfumes or fragrances.  No chemical odour.

Attacks and destroys odour-causing bacteria.


Cleans fentanyl and other opiate residues.